Daisies & Worms

Now for the meat of the meeting…

After we finished rules and consequences (oh that makes me think of NM), I told the girls they were going to learn about worms. My nice little tie-in to the Curious Garden probably went over their heads (one small boy changed a city, small worms change the soil) as they got stuck on the word “worms.”  Three stations were planned: worm composting bin, make worm art, and make dirt cups. After getting over the grossness of “worms”, they had to deal with the grossness of me telling them that they were going to make dirt cups for their snack (real worms???). Oh yes…I played that one much to the amusement of the other moms in the room.

I had the girls count off into three groups.  Asked some of the moms to help out with two of the stations, and off they went! I stayed in our main room for the coloring station. It is really hard to come up with a craft that involves worms. Most of what I found online deals with caterpillars. Though they probably could have made modeling clay worms with googly eyes, I decided to stick with “free” and have them use dot markers to make worms on paper plates. I found some foam flower stickers and brought them as well. The girls enjoyed it. It will be nice to rely less on crafts as they get older (hopefully).

The second station was dirt cups. One of the moms divvied up the chocolate pudding evenly into cups, and the girls helped mash up the Oreos in plastic baggies. They put the crumbs on top of the pudding, and a gummy worm on top of that. The cups were then set aside for snack-time.

The third and final station involved my DH and his worm composting bin.  I printed up a page full of worm facts and info for him to talk about. There was no way he was going to hold the girls’ attention long enough to go over it all, so he chose some of the highlights – like worms have 5 hearts, and they secrete mucus (a la Disney’s Princess and the Frog). It was neat to see some of the girls who made beautiful bleck faces become brave enough to hold worms.

Between everything, we ran out of time so we weren’t able to discuss the Take Action Project for the Welcome to the Flower Garden Journey. Oh well….we’ll do that next time. The project has already been decided by me – make and maintain a flower bed at the church – but the girls have to figure out what they want to do with it. And it will be a nice “thank you” to the church for letting us hold our meetings there.

2 responses to “Daisies & Worms

  1. I want to say, “Thank you”. I am reading all that you have written and you have some wonderful ideas. Last year l Co-lead a mixed kindie and first grade troop. We had two trouble makers, one especially. She definitely was a bad influence at times. This year, I’m leading. We will keep it small, maximum 8, preferably 6. The trouble makers will move on to a Brownie troop, Thank Goodness. Crossing my fingers that our new girls are little angels. 🙂 l will definitely send out an email BEFORE we meet for the first time adding the lateness to have a discussion about being respectful and listening. I don’t want to wait until after we meet, because they’ll think l only mentioned it because we had difficulties and chaos. 🙂 Thanks again. .I’ll keep on reading now. 🙂

    • You’re welcome! It also helps as the girls get older. If you have helpers, breaking the girls into smaller groups to rotate through “stations” helps w/chaos.

      About lateness, we just finished our 3rd year and it’s still a chronic problem.

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