Weekly Recap 5/6/12

OPTGR – Bean did three lessons in on Monday, ending at Lesson 108. They were review, but short, and over letter combos she doesn’t have trouble with. We made it through Lesson 114.

The books Bean read to me or DH:
Splat the Cat and the Duck With No Quack
Tick Tock Clock
Scat, Cat!
Flip, Flop!
Fred and Ted’s Road Trip

Read Aloud – we finished up Stuart Little (I’m a bit disappointed in the lack of resolution), and started The Wizard of Oz.

DH read Becoming Buddha: The Story of Siddhartha to Bean one evening. He told me the next morning that she attempted to meditate, using a Pegasus as her focal point. He thought it was funny when she lost her concentration since she would shake her head using small, quick movements.

ETC –  Bean made it half way through Lesson 9. Two more lessons left, then we start ETC5 ½.

Handwriting – Most of the week was spent by Bean writing “thank you for your service” cards that were included with hygiene kits we made for the VA hospital. She also wrote some to be sent to Wounded Warriors.

Math – Bean completed through Lesson 42. Recent lessons are dealing with addition equaling 5 or 10. She seems to be getting the hang of remembering the different combinations of numbers that can be added together.

Spanish – We are almost done with Leccion 3. This is definitely a one-weeker. It’s pretty much color review, but adding in some color-related questions, and the days of the week. She’ll do the craft project on Monday.


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