5/10/12 Daisies

I over-planned this meeting to make sure I didn’t run out of things to do if we went through activities faster than planned. I learned two things as well. The first, don’t attempt to build fairy houses during a meeting when there is anything other than fairy houses on the agenda. The second, that any kind of action game does not work for my troop. Even a simple Simon Says game dragged on and got out of control because of a few of the girls (even with the mom of one of them sitting in the room).

After our opening, I went over the troop rules/consequences again so they were fresh in the girls’ minds. I am keeping the sticker chart private. The girls pretty much know who is not going to get a sticker, and I don’t really want to put it out there for everyone to see.

From there, we moved back to the Journey so we could discuss our TAP (Take Action Project). To keep it simple, I chose the project (plant and maintain a small flower plot at the church we meet at). We took a walk to the plot so the girls could see it. Then we went back inside so they could tell me what  flowers/plants they would like to plant.  We ended up with:

Snap Dragons
Black-Eyed Susans (since sunflowers would be too tall)
Butterfly Bush

Some of those choices probably won’t work given the size of the plot. And some of them won’t work until this Fall when bulbs can be planted. But, I was expecting the girls to give me colors of plants as opposed to actual plants.

Our garden site.

At this point, some of the girls were getting restless, so I had them stand up for a game of Simon Says. The problem with this is multiple. It takes FOR. EVER. if I give each girl a chance to be Simon. Partially because it can take them a while to make up their minds, and partially because some of the girls get a bit too into acting out the commands. This causes the game to be stopped, girls to be reminded, and eventually a warning of, “if I have to tell you again, we stop the game. Even if not everyone has had a turn to be Simon.”

After Simon, one of the girls and her mother talked about butterflies. They brought in their caterpillars to show the girls. By the next meeting, the caterpillars should be in their chrysalises. During this portion, I had to pull out two of the girls (separately)  for #2 of consequences. It helped that I had a bag of seashells. I had them count out the shells for me.

I gave up on trying to start fairy houses. At that point, we had only 20 minutes left. Instead the girls made Thank You cards for the woman who lead us on the wildflower walk, and they made a butterfly-themed Mother’s Day card. Snacks were given to go, and we did our closing circle.

Wildflower walk thank you’s.

I did manage to hand out the girls’ pen pal letters. We will write one more letter, and then we’re done for the school year. If any girl wants to continue writing their pen pal, they can include their address in the letter.  I hope we’ll be able to find pen pals again next year (if the girls want to).


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