Bi-Weekly Recap, weeks 5/13/12 & 5/20/12

OPTGR – Bean made it through Lesson 124. There might be a few lessons we’ll need to revisit, but I’m going to wait and see if it sorts itself out first.

The books Bean read to me or DH:
Ivy & Bean
book 6 — well part of it at least. I am truly amazed that she’s able to read this. She still needs help with some of the words, but she’s able to sound out most of them on her own. (I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this series. I can’t tell if I’m turning into an old fogey, or if the characters are truly are snotty.)

Splat the Cat Good Night, Sleep Tight
Just Helping My Dad
Toy Story 3 Toy to Toy
Biscuit and the baby
Bathtime for Biscuit
Biscuit’s new Trick
Biscuit Meets the Class Pet
Biscuit’s Big Friend

Read Aloud – Wizard of Oz (so, so incredibly different from the movie, and so much better)

ETC –  Bean is (yet again) two pages away from finishing ETC5. ETC5 ½ is prepped and ready to go.

Handwriting –  a mish-mash of pages from the D’Nealian 1 book and thank you cards.

Math – Bean has completed through Lesson 47. Overall, she seems to be getting it. We took two days to go through Lesson 42 (Go To The Dump), and another two days to do Lesson 43. We’ve been playing Go To The Dump almost every day. Another game that was introduced, Old Main, isn’t quite so popular. I can’t quite get over that we’re playing it wrong b/c some essential step in the instructions is missing.

Spanish – Bean started Leccion 5. We took around a week to complete Leccion 4. There wasn’t really anything new taught except the days of the week, so I didn’t it was necessary to drag it out any longer than necessary. I will admit that we do not use the student workbooks. They are too heavy on writing/reading for her to handle at the moment.

Science – a new Magic School Bus kit arrived – Volcanoes. It was a bust. The first two experiments consisted of labeling layers of the Earth and parts of a volcano, respectively. Another one consisted of building a model volcano using some insanely messy black powder. It got everywhere. The only experiments were some takes on the classic baking soda/vinegar combo, and observing/floating a piece of pumice.

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