Taste of Girl Scout Camp

Because Bean sold more than 222 boxes of cookies, and more than $222 of nuts/magazines, she was invited to a council-sponsored 222 event. The event was essentially a taste of Girl Scout camp. And boy did she have fun! – Letterboxing, canoeing, SWAP-making, bounce houses…

We met up with our Service Unit Manager and her daughter and spent most of the day with them. The first thing the girls did was to get a set of clues for Letterboxing. Then we headed to the lake for canoeing (conveniently, one of the letterboxes was hidden behind the boathouse).  After, my SUM’s daughter gave us a guided tour of the camp since she’s gone there every summer for the past five or so years. Her excitement for camp rubbed off on me. It’s been so long since I’ve been to Girl Scout camp, and I remember loving every minute of it. I can’t wait for Bean to go.

There were stations set up around the camp where girls could jump in bounce houses, make SWAPs, get their faces painted, and vote on this coming school year’s cookie/nut/QSP incentives. It looks like our cookie theme will be dolphins, and our nut/QSP theme will be flamingoes.  We also got to try some new products. Our baker (ABC) has done away with Shout Outs! and will be replacing them with a mango-coconut crème sandwich cookie. It sounds a bit awkward, but doesn’t taste bad at all.  For the nut sale, they’ve upgraded the Peanut Butter Dreams with a very tasty chocolate-covered peanut butter bear. I think it is miles better than the PBDs.

Because of our experience, I signed Bean and I up for the Me and My Favorite Gal campout, and I also signed Bean up for a first-timer’s mini-session.  I sure hope she’s ready for this. She asked to go, so I could assume she is. We’ll find out! In the meantime, I’m trying to sell the awesomeness of overnight camp to her so she doesn’t get any doubts. It also helps that my SUM’s daughter will be at the same camp the same week as Bean. They won’t really do anything together, but knowing that someone Bean knows and likes is there should help.


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