5/24/12 Daisies

Hopefully, this won’t turn into another two-parter.

I don’t remember what I had initially intended to do this meeting (probably have the girls do their TAP), but I changed it so the girls could help build a demonstration fairy house since one of them was not going to be able to go to our camp out. There was a lot of mom-drama involved in this, and in short, I didn’t want to do the fairy house at the meeting because I felt like that would be opening the door to being taken advantage of. But…I did it anyway because of the daughter. Well…not terribly shocking…they didn’t come to the meeting. That I had planned specifically because the mom was upset that her daughter wouldn’t be able to build a fairy house.  Quite frankly, I am glad they didn’t come because I wouldn’t put it past this particular parent to try to make a scene in front of everyone. There have been ongoing issues the entire school year.

To the meeting. We opened with a review of rules and consequences.  I think this will be a regular part of all meetings as a refresher. Some of the girls need it.  After that, we trooped to our craft room where everything was set up for making a fairy house. One of the moms volunteered to be the builder (my future Brownie assistant leader), and the girls dictated to her how they wanted it built.

At first, the girls were ROWDY!, but as the fairy house became more house-like, they quieted/calmed down. Most of them were actively involved. A few of them were off on their own building whathaveyou.

A whathaveyou.

After the fairy house, we moved on to making SWAPs for our pen pals. Let’s just say that I watched a lot of Doctor Who while prepping them. I made a template, then cut the butterflies out. I pressed a marker lid into the silver glitter foam to make a circle and then cut out four for each butterfly. I hot glued on the antennai to the butterflies since none of the glue I had would allow the pipe cleaners to actually stick the foam. And I made a sample butterfly to show the girls. (I bought the little stick-on gems at Joann’s) (and on the back of each butterfly is a self-stick stick pin I found in the jewelry-making section at Hobby Lobby)

We were almost out of time at this point, but we had enough for cupcakes to be passed around and “Happy Birthday” to be sung to two of the girls. While they were eating, I talked about the TAP (to be completed at the next meeting), our camp out, and Bridging/the end of year party.

Our camp out is the day after tomorrow. I am on the nervous side. 9 girls are coming, 5 girls (with a parent) are staying the night.


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