Random Daisies

Our camp out is tomorrow, and I’m busily scrambling to get everything prepped and packed and to double and triple check my lists. The camp out is nothing fancy; honestly, it’s more of “camp-lite” since we’re staying in the lodge and it’s only one night. But, it’s going to be fun!

Also coming up is a last minute trip to Rock the Mall for Bean and I. Two people in my SUM’s troop backed out, and we’re taking their places. It will be a whirlwind trip for sure, but how often is one around for a 100th anniversary celebration?

On that note, Bean and I are also going to Rock the Falls. I’ll have DH drop us off and pick us up. I don’t know how horrible parking will be. On the other hand, it might not be as crowded as I’m imagining since that is graduation weekend here.

One last thing, since I did not make a post of its own: we went on a polliwog/tadpole walk a couple of weekends ago.  Five girls, plus families showed up. It was an adventure, for sure. For starters it was 85 degrees, and we parked a half mile downhill from the pond. There is a parking lot spitting distance from the pond, but we wanted to have a nice walk. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. The girls complained about being thirsty and how they were lost forever and would subsequently perish from dehydration. When we finally arrived at the pond, the girls had fun hunting for tadpoles and snails. Because of a lack of rain, the pond was a bit shriveled, but there were plenty of tadpoles.

After mucking around for a bit, everyone headed for some shade to rest and drink water. A father offered to run back down to the parking lot and bring back a van so some of the adults/kids could get a ride back to said parking lot. The rest of us walked back, and listened to the wilting Daisies.

It was a running joke the entire trip that we need to be wary of any future outing suggested/planned by the Brownie assistant leader since anything that could cause it to be unfavorable would happen. But then, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of character-building.


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