Daisy Camp Out – Intro

After a rough start on my part (leaving 30 min late, forgetting our clothes and having to turn back around to get them, only to realize once I was almost back to the camp again that I forgot the first aid kit and the folder that has all of the girls’ health forms, etc… in it *sigh*), the camp out was a blast. My girls are definitely outdoor-run-around-the-field-and-make-stone-soup-in-a-hollow-log kind of girls. There ended up being a lot more unstructured time than I had initially planned for, but they found ways to fill it up.

Nine girls came, and of those five girls (plus one parent per girl) stayed the night. The basic breakdown of the camp out was:

Opening circle
Nature walk
Build fairy houses / clean up
Fire safety
Dinner / clean up / dessert
Learn the Brownie Smile Song
Watch Flag Retirement Ceremony
Go home or get ready for bed
Bed-time story
Lights out

Wake up
Get dressed / pack up belongings
Walk around the camp
Smell / taste experiments
Jungle lunch
Closing circle
Pack gear / clean lodge
Go home

Beyond working on fairy houses the rising Brownies earned (or partially earned) their first Try-It – the Senses badge from the new Girl Guide.

I will flesh this out later. I figure the camp out will be broken down into several posts so it hopefully won’t be too terribly unwieldy.


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