Weekly Recap 6/3/12

OPTGR – Bean completed through lesson 131 (9 more lessons left until we can start First Language Lessons!)

The books Bean read to me or DH:
Biscuit Takes a Walk
Going to the Firehouse
Splat the Cat Takes the Cake

Read Aloud – Babe, the Gallant Pig

ETC – Bean completed up to halfway through lesson 4 in ETC 5 ½. I’m having her skip the writing portion since this is review

Handwriting – still plugging away at the D’Nealian 1 book. She should be finished with it in another 2-3 weeks. Then I’ll have to figure out what to have her do next! Probably copywork of some kind.

Math – Bean completed through lesson 56. She seems to be picking up her math facts fairly quickly (adding 1-10). She will start learning about telling time soon, which is good since she’s been nagging me since last Fall as to when we were going to start it.

Spanish –  we finished up Leccion 6. We will make the galletas this evening (hopefully). It is a very similar recipe to a cookie my mom makes every Christmas (Russian tea cakes / Mexican wedding cakes).


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