Daisy Camp Out: Sunday

The girls woke up before 7am on Sunday. They were generally quiet as they poked around the fairy houses while the moms still slept.  Most everyone was awake when I turned the lights on at 7:30. The girls got dressed and packed up their sleeping bags, etc… before we had breakfast.  Breakfast consisted of freezer bag omelets and biscuits from scratch. The girls helped cut out the biscuits. (I completely forgot about singing grace that morning until we were on our way home – “Rise and Shine.”)

After breakfast, the girls played outside (more stone soup) while the adults chatted for a bit. Then we went for a walk around the camp. One set of cabins was empty so we poked around that site. I definitely want to get the girls out to that particular campsite at some point. I need (or our camping mom needs) to complete the second level of camping training first.

The final things on our camping agenda were to do Taste and Smell for the Senses Try-It. For Taste, I made samples of salt water, sugar water, lemon juice, and unsweetened chocolate (melted and mixed with some water). I went over the four types of taste buds with the girls, asking if they knew what they were called. They each got some q-tips to dip in the solutions. I didn’t tell them where on their tongues the various taste buds were. Part of the experiment was to see if they could determine it by where they touched the q-tip to their tongues.  When we were finished, I showed them a diagram of the tongue and explained that the different buds overlap. I also explained that the majority of our sense of flavor comes from our nose, which is why when your nose is stuffy, you can’t really taste anything.

Smell was last. The girls partnered up (because Bean decided to pout under the table, there were two pairs of two), one was blindfolded, and the other had to lead her around the room with a smelly object. The choices were a cut up onion, crushed mint, or a lemon. When they were finished, they switched. Two things to know for next time – no shoes and no talking/giggling – it made it easier for the blindfolded girl to follow her ears and not her nose.

When we finished our experiments, the girls and I did Closing Circle while several of the moms put together some sack lunches. Once those were made, they snuck outside to hide them (Jungle lunches). The girls had to hunt for their lunch. They had to help each other find lunches if someone had trouble.


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