Last Daisy Meeting / TAP

Because in the lengthy delay in getting this typed up, the post about our last meeting will be a bit vague on some details (and probably easier to read since I can’t drone on).

Nine girls were there and two parents stayed. The moms who regularly stay were not there (sick or school or something else), and I learned why other leaders get so burnt out so quickly. There is no way I could go through an entire year’s worth of meetings without the level of help I have received this past school year. And that was with the girls being generally well-behaved that evening.

I split the girls into two groups – I took one group out to our little garden plot, and the other group stayed with the two moms to work on their scrapbooks. Trying to wrangle 4-5 girls at the garden without help was a bit of a pain (this is where I dearly missed having 4-6 parents staying at the meeting).  However, all of them were excited to plant their garden, and they had fun doing it. The ground was hard since it hadn’t rained in several days, but they managed. Some of them lost interest fairly quickly, but that’s the nature of the beast.  After 15 minutes, I took them back into the church, had them wash their hands, and gave them to the two moms.  The second group of girls was pretty much the same as the first bunch in terms of excitement level and attention span.

After another 15 minutes, I took them back in and had them wash their hands. When finished, they sat down at the empty craft table and worked on the thank-you daisies for the church.

I’m a bit hazy on the rest of the meeting, but it involved snacks, Closing Circle, and wishing everyone a wonderful summer (with the reminder that we would be having our Bridging Ceremony / end of the year party in 10ish days).


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