Final Weekly Recap for 2011-12

This is an extremely belated post. I’ve been skivving off school for the past two weeks.

OPTGR – Completed through Lesson 139.

The books Bean read to me or DH:

What a Good Kitty
Just Saving My Money
the Fall Festival
This is My Town
Tutus and Toe Shoes
Sleepover Surprise
Winter Festival

 Read Aloud – finished Babe, the Gallant Pig. Began and completed the Water Horse. Both books were winners.

ETC –  Completed through Lesson 6 in ETC5 ½.

Handwriting –  Completed D’Nealian 1. The next book introduces cursive. I think we will wait on that for a while. Bean needs to work on her grip. When she doesn’t use the pencil grips, she hold her pencils all wonky (like her father). I don’t know how to make it become habit other than harping on her constantly, and I’m not particularly keen on that idea.

Math –  Completed through Lesson 62. Bean doesn’t seem to have any problem picking up on time/reading clocks.

Spanish –  In the middle of Leccion 7.


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