Bridging / End of Year Party

We had our Bridging Ceremony / end of year party the day before Father’s Day (note to self: I will end GS a few weeks earlier next year). Ten of 13 girls were there.

The first thing to point out is that if you can get your hands on a bounce house, do it. Seriously the best money spent. All of the children present were contained. And we knew where they were.

I learned my lesson at our Investiture last December – keep the ceremony as short and sweet as humanly possible, and have the girls sit with their parents until it is their turn to come up front; pointing this out to the parents while introducing the ceremony garnered some chuckles.

The ceremony:

*Welcome everyone.

*Thank the parents. Specifically mention the four parents who went above and beyond, and give them each a little present (GS 100th Anniversary magnet) and a volunteer appreciation certificate.

*Bring Daisies up. Give them each their membership star. Give them each a little present (GS cookie-scented chap stick), and a “thank you for being a Daisy” certificate.

*Bring the girls Bridging to Brownies up.  Give them their membership star. Go over the Bridging Award and what they did to earn it. Show a Senses Try-It. Call the name of each girl individually to walk over the bridge. GS handshake. Welcome them to Brownies. Give them a Bridging Certificate and a little present (also the GS chap stick).

That was the gist of our ceremony. I made sashes out of brown butcher paper to place over the girls’ heads as they Bridged, but…of course I forgot them.

Then the girls were freed to go back to playing in the bounce house until the hot dogs/hamburgers were ready.

Two of the moms called the girls back so they could give me a surprise – a basket with flowers and wine (much needed) and a thank you card the girls signed, and a scrapbook to put all troop-related photos and mementos in (already started). Very much unexpected. Very much appreciated. It’s nice to know that I’m doing a good job as a leader.

A final note to add, one of the mothers made an amazing Daisy Cake:

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