Daisy Year-End Summary

(Nov) PJ Party – donated pajamas to several local shelters
(Dec) Made gingerbread men for our village’s Christmas Party
(Feb) Made Valentine’s Day cards for pediatric unit of Roswell Cancer Institute
(Apr) First grader’s made hygiene kits and “thank you for your service” cards for the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital
(Jun) Planted a small flower garden for the church we meet at

Cookie Leaf – Count It Up
*Learned types of cookies
*Learned cost of cookies
*Set goals for selling

Orange Petal – Responsible For What I Say and Do
*Attempted to read Mari’s  Story in the Guide, but failed miserably
*Discussed examples of things we’re responsible for
*Created a Kaper Chart
*Used the analogy of a crumpled paper to help understand being
responsible for what you say

Light Blue Petal – Honest and Fair
*Read / acted out Lupe’s Story from Guide
*Girls gave ideas as to how they would be fair (taking turns playing games)
*Girls talked about being honest using the box containing cookies from
the story as the scenario
*Divided girls up in a fair manner for making/decorating cookies

Promise Center
*Received at Investiture after girls recited the Girl Scout Promise

Magenta Petal
* Discussed examples of persons of authority
*Discussed examples of respectful/disrespectful behavior
* Firefighter visited meeting and talked to girls about his job (also worked
with them on the Safety Award)
* Field trip to the local Coast Guard station

Financial Literacy – Money Counts
*Learned the different kinds of coins
*Learned about paper money
*Find out the cost of fun (budgeted for a fun outing, such as a visit to the

Violet Petal
*Slightly bungled and adaptation of Vi’s Story
–instead of using the postcards in the stories, I brought out postcards
that had been sent to me from friends/acquaintances across the globe
*Were pen pals with a Daisy troop in Ohio
*Learned about Colombia and Australia (two girls have parents from
those countries)

Yellow Petal
*Had to give 3 “A Friendly and Helpful Daisy Was Here” flowers when the
girls did a good deed
*Good manners at meetings and field trips throughout the year

Rose Petal
*Read and discussed the Curious Garden
*Planted a small flower garden for the church we met at

Tifft Nature Preserve
Coast Guard station
Maple Syrup Farm
Wildflower Walk at Wilson-Tuscarora State Park
Polliwog Hunting

Pajama Party
Story Teller
Nature Center
My 1st Cookie Sale
Cookie Booth
Christmas Baking
100th Anniversary
Coast Guard Visit
Valentine Making
Maple Syrup Harvest
Historically Speaking Colombia
Historically Speaking Australia
Fairy Myst (for the fairy houses)
Spring Event (for the wildflower / polliwog walks)
First Campout / Campfire Fun (depending on if the girls stayed overnight)
Fiesta (for the girls who went to the Cinco de Mayo celebration)
Aquarium Overnight (for the girls who went to the overnight)
He & Me Bowling (SU event)

*Daisy Name Petals (to be used for attendance, girls place petals around a central yellow center – never got around to doing it)
*Thank you cards for various visitors / field trips
*Girl Scout Law Bracelet
*Valentine’s Day Cards
*Make tags for the lettuce gardens (laminated)
*Pom Pom Ladybugs
*Butterfly Mother’s Day Cards


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