The Big Bang

We seem to be on a role with prehistory lately. In part because I want to make sure we’ve gone through as much as possible before school officially starts after Labor Day.  Poor Bean had some fairly meaty concepts thrown at her with this one, but I’m sure she’ll surprise me at some point with a random bit of information she remembers.


We only read the first part (pages 9-15) of Bang! How We Came To Be since it covers pretty much everything.

Other Books:

Even though I am listing it here, I cannot stand Born with a Bang. Most people seem to like it (based upon reviews I’ve read), but it really does have a kind of hippy-dippy tone that grates on my nerves.

Videos we watched on Netflix…I don’t know how much Bean got out of them:
How the Universe Works: Big Bang
Prehistoric Disasters: Birth of the Planet
How The Earth Was Made


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