Pre-Cambrian / Cambrian / Ordovician

I rolled these three Periods into one lesson (spread out over several days) since there isn’t necessarily a lot out there for Bean’s age.

We read pages 24-31 in The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History.
We also read the first half of Life Finds it’s Feet (Bean really likes this series so far).
We did the Crowded Seas search on pages 8-9 of The Great Prehistoric Search.
And I attempted to read more from Bang! The Story of Us, but Bean has deemed that book as too boring.


Fossil Gallery
Fossil Fun
Geological Time Periods

Pre-Cambrian (Vendian)
Vendian Animals
Precambrian Tour Through Time

Cambrian / Ordovician
Meet the Cambrian Critters
Cambrian / Ordovician Tour Through Time

Matching Creature Cards to the Timeline.

We copied the craft ideas from both Dottie’s Homeschool Universe and Satori Smiles.

The kimberellas were fun, though time consuming to prep.

The trilobite cookies were a bit of work as well since it involved me buying a madeline pan and making madelines for the first time ever. My cookie press doesn’t have the right kind of extruder plate, and the woman at Wegman’s bakery had no clue what I was talking about regarding ready-to-buy madelines. I recommend not being lazy and using the chocolate dip meant for frozen banana pops – just melt your own chocolate. It might take longer, but it won’t be near as runny/messy.

Today we completed the final part of our PC / C / O lesson – playdough Cambria critters. We have 3 wiwaxias (Bug made the purple one in the lower right-hand corner), 2 anomalocarises, 1 opabinia, and 1 hallucigenia.

Prepped Kimberellas

Finished Kimberellas

Trilobite Cookies

Our Cambrian Critters

Bean’s Hallucigenia



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