Unofficial Weekly Recap #1

Even though we do not officially start 1st grade until September 3rd, we nominally began this week. Bean is finished with her various summer camps (minus VBS this week, but that iss for 3 hours in the morning), so now I feel like I have the time to focus on school. I had wanted to do school-lite this summer, but by the time she came home from summer camp, we were lucky to squeeze one book out of her.

Things were still a bit sketchy on follow-through on Wed and Thurs. Mainly because both Bug and the baby felt the need to scream if I dared put them down (THE HORROR!!!). Add to that, the fact nap-time was a battle on Wed for both of them. My house was thrashed because of the my-butt-touches-the-ground-so-I-must-scream-like-my-heart-has-been-crushed baby boy. I was able to get a little bit done after I strapped him to my back, but he gets too wiggly after a short while because my head obstructs his view.

Moving on….

Math – Bean made it through Lesson 72, so only five more left until RS A is done! We could have been done ages ago if I didn’t get lazy. Though, in my defense, Bean has been picking at Kumon’s My Book of Simple Addition and My Book of Easy Telling Time.

ETC – Bean finally completed ETC 5 1/2. Yeah! As with math, it would have been done weeks ago if I hadn’t let it fall by the wayside.

Reading – Bean has started to read some harder, for her, books (like Little Bear and Amanda Pig). She still ignores words or makes up her own – she thinks she knows what it says, so she doesn’t pay attention (“a” instead of “the”, “for” instead of “from”, etc…). I also wish I could figure out how to stop her from reversing “th” and “wh”. She does it while speaking as well using “what” instead of “that”.

Prehistory – we knocked out the bulk of the Pre-Cambrian / Cambrian / Ordovician Periods on Sunday (including painting our Kimerellas). We didn’t to much else until Friday when my madeline pan arrived for trilobite cookies.

I had wanted to start Story of the World Volume 1 at the same time we officially started school, but I highly doubt we can cover the Silurian Period through the end of the dinosaurs in one week. With guests in the house during that week. Oh well.

Art – We covered Piet Mondrian in Meet the Masters.

Science – Bean and DH worked on the MSB science kit (Water), that arrived in the mail. Both appeared to enjoy it, so it’s safe to say it has been one of the more successful kits.


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