Cassatt, Mondrian, and Picasso…Oh My!

Mary Cassatt
I’ll admit that we covered Mary Cassatt in Meet the Masters (MTM) quite some time ago, but I never got around to posting about it. In part because of how busy our summer has been, and in part because we never did the art project associated with it.  After several weeks had passed from doing the online presentation and reading several picture books, I didn’t see the point in picking it back up again. Plus, I’m not too sure how making a plaid bonnet ties into Cassatt’s techniques.

Anywho….the books we read:

Piet Mondrian
Several months ago, Bean did a Mondrian unit at her homeschool art class at the Albright-Knox; they had an exhibit of his work showing at that time. For MTM, we went through the online presentation, then listened to some music samples I found. One of the paintings the presentation used was Broadway Boogie Woogie, and Bean wanted to know what boogie woogie was. Which lead to us listening and dancing to both boogie woogie and the Andrews Sisters – until Bug fell off a spinning office chair. At which point I decided we should adjourn to the kitchen for the art project.

I wasn’t able to find any picture books about Mondrian.

Pablo Picasso
We finally had the time to do the MTM portion yesterday. I’m finding myself editing out parts of the script during the presentation portion of these. Some of the information seems extraneous.  Or it could be that it is geared towards a group of kids instead of just one. Regardless, the art project that went along with Picasso was fun. Bean spent a decent amount of time doing the pastel stain.


**I would not read Paris in the Spring with Picasso. It didn’t really have a coherent storyline, and it was only marginally about Picasso. Instead, it bounced around between several artistically/literarily inclined people prior to a party that evening.


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