First Brownie Meeting

The first Brownie meeting of the school year was last night. And my first lesson was learned – don’t start Brownies on the first day of school. For some reason, I thought our district went back to school on Tuesday. Next year, we won’t start quite so soon. Four of the five girls were there, so I’d count that as a success.

The meeting was pretty much a parents meeting, going over ideas for the year, and getting feedback on field trips and community service projects (the moms had a lot of ideas for that, which is good). The girls played in the play room and had fun whooping it up.

So the basics in bullets:

  • the girls are going to look at the troop crests to see if they want one, and which one they want (one of the moms suggested the waterfall crest since the girls are always in motion)
  • the girls need to sit down and figure out between 3-5 badges they would like to work on this year
  • the badges we will earn regardless: Brownie GS Way, Snacks, Painting, Senses (finishing up the final step from our campout)
  • the Canadian Girl Guide badges we will earn: Which Way (compass reading), Be Aware (campfire safety), Cook Out (camp cooking), and Going Camping
  • we’re going to do the Brownie Quest Journey this Fall (modified)
  • we’re going to participate in the Wildlife Festival as a Service Unit; our booth will have a small craft for kids to purchase and make, with the proceeds being split amongst the troops in our SU
  • our first field trip is going to be nature-related, hopefully tying into either the old Eco-Explorer or Wildlife Watching Try-Its
  • we’re set for our fall campout the last weekend of October

Next week, I do it all over again with the Daisies.


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