Silurian and Devonian Periods

Once again we started out by looking at our timeline and matching the Creature Cards to the ones shown. Bug helped out by taking charge of the matching. Before we started reading, I followed a coelacanth rabbit trail to see if I could track down some photographs and possibly a video since it’s a living fossil; and I lucked out.

These periods held some resonance for Bean because the fossils in her collection are from the Silurian/Devonian Periods (thank you, Penn-Dixie!). She enjoyed comparing them to pictures in When Fish Got Feet…

(YouTube video in 6 parts) Nova: Ancient Creature of the Deep
National Geographic Coelacanth Page
PBS / Nova Coelacanth Page

UILE – pages 32-35
Life Finds its Feet – pages 16-21

Websites (we did not view any of these as other obligations/happenings took precedence)
Devonian Times
Evolving Planet – Silurian / Devonian
Map of the Periods
Virtual Silurian Reef
Silurian Reef Fossils
Devonian Fossils


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