SOTW 1: Ch 1

I skipped the introduction and went straight to Chapter 1: The Earliest People. I had hoped to sync prehistory so we would get to early humans right when school started, but that didn’t work out by several hundred million years.

It will take a while to get the hang of narrations, I think. Bean was good about giving me several sentences that related to the topic, but she didn’t necessarily get the “summarize the main points” part.

The map work went over Bean’s head a bit. I talked about the rivers and showed her where Jericho was/is. I pulled out our globe to show her where we live versus where the Fertile Crescent is.

We made a cave painting on brown butcher paper I taped to the kitchen floor. It would have been fun to have Bean do the paintings on the inside of a cardboard box, but that would have been too much trouble as Bug was tagging along.  I also wanted DH to make a shaduf, but I’m still working on getting him to agree to it.

**On pages 121-123 of the book Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors are the directions for making a small shaduf.

UILE – pgs 92-93, 96-101, 108-109
It’s Disgusting and We Ate It – pgs 16-17 (these were the only pages that related to SOTW; a few other pages dealt with the Anasazi, but we skipped them)

I wasn’t able to find any picture books that covered the transition from hunter-gatherer to farming-cities. I might not have been typing in the right search words.

We really enjoyed Stone Age Boy. The drawings that show daily life are stories unto themselves and could easily be looked at over and over. It is on our list of books to buy.

These two books mix dinosaurs and humans, which bothers me since millions of years and various cataclysmic disasters separate them . But, they’re both cute books, and I love that in Boy, (spoiler) the best place for him to be is snuggled in bed between his parents.


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