Weekly Recap 9/9/12

Our first week of school got off to a very bumpy start this year. We had some family troubles that overshadowed everything.  In spite of that we managed to start most of our subjects, and got messy while doing some of them. And I didn’t feel entirely overwhelmed by everything (thank you, Anne!).

Math – Bean started RS B on Monday. I combine Lessons 13/14 since I just wanted to do a quick money refresher. After that, we jumped to Lesson 24, skipping earlier ones because she had completed RS A. So far, math is still a favored subject – she likes to do it first.

Reading – I’ve changed things up a bit by having her read for a set amount of time (15 minutes), instead of reading an entire book. She’s moved on to more wordy books, and trying to get her to read one in one sitting would induce more whining and drama than I care to deal with. That being said, I’m amazed at how Bean’s reading has progressed.

World’s Best Mama
Dinosaur Detective (only part of it since Bean didn’t like the book)
Pooh Gets Stuck
A Kiss for Little Bear

Current Read Aloud – James and the Giant Peach

OPTGR – Bean completed Lessons 134-139, and Lesson 85. All of these lessons were review.

ETC – We started book 6, and will do one lesson per week. I can divide each lesson up into 4 sections, so we’ll do ETC on M/T/Th/F. Most of this book is going to be review for her since the sounds were covered in OPTGR previously.

FLL – The plan is do to this 3 days per week on M/W/F. We covered the first 4 lessons, combining one and two into one day since there was very little substance to them.  Bean doesn’t seem to mind the redundancy of repeating sentences back to me multiple times (so far). I plan on following the repetition aspect of FLL more closely than in OPTGR since she needs to understand the rules.

HistorySOTW 1: Week 1

Science – We’re behind in Biology by a half of lesson. The last half should be finished up today, and then I’ll link in the post once I’ve typed it up.

Logic – We’ve been doing between 3-6 questions around 3x per week in Mind Benders Verbal.

**I plan on starting WWE and Spanish next week. There was just too much going on this week. I’m surprised we manage to accomplish the amount of work that we did.


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