First Daisy Meeting

Warning: this post opens up with a rant.

As my DH says, this year is going to be a good, strong lesson in character development. For myself. If this first meeting is any indication, there isn’t enough bottles of wine and episodes of Archer to help me cope.

Right now, I have six Daisies – five returning first graders, and one new kindergartener. I had hoped that with only half the girls in this level, that it might not be so hectic as it was last year. I was wrong. It’s not the number of girls that matters, but the dynamic of the ones who are there.

Let me list the ways…repeatedly directing the girls to pay attention to whomever was currently talking, repeatedly asking them to stop talking while others were talking, pointing out that it is highly inappropriate to disparage the way another girl is educated (you don’t say homeschooling is awful and stupid – this was not directed at my daughter, but at another girl in the troop), you don’t act out when I ask you to calm down so we can do our Closing Ceremony (we do the Friendship Squeeze and sing “Make New Friends”), and you certainly don’t keep acting out, thereby ramping up the other girls, to the point that I have to ask one of the parents to turn off the lights to get everyone to stop. At least some of the girls looked chastised after I lectured on proper behavior, respect, and how we cannot have fun at meetings if this type of behavior continues.

GS Law Flower

On to the other stuff.

For the first 10 or so minutes, I talked to the parents about the basics of this year: scheduled field trips, possible field trips, Journeys, etc… The girls were playing in the room next door.

Then I started the meeting with the girls by going around in a circle,  each one shared with the others something fun they did this summer. After, we opened the meeting with the GS Sign and the GS Promise. I went over the GS Law on my petal board and talked a little bit about what we’re going to do this year.

We have four petals left to earn, though by default, there will be some overlap on others so the girls will earn them again. We’re going to do the 3 Cheers for Animals Journey this Fall (with modifications, though this Journey is much more easily adapted than the one we did this Spring).

Our craft for the evening was making a GS Law Flower. I got the basic idea from an internet search (though the petals and center were mounted on a paper plate and had the individual lines of the law written on the individual petals), and modified so that the girls glued the petals/centers onto a blank daisy form (the same ones they used to make Thank You’s for the church, and that I used for the “a friendly and helpful Daisy was here” flowers). If I had had the time, I would have written the lines of the Law on each petal. This craft was a hit.

On the agenda for our next meeting: redo the troop rules, consequences for breaking the rules, rewards for following the rules, and quite possibly, a troop contract that both girls and parents will need to sign.


2 responses to “First Daisy Meeting

  1. where can i find a template for the daisy flower for the laws?

    • I used Daisy Flower Paper Shape from Hobby Lobby as the base, the centers are cut using a 2 1/2 in circular punch, and I drew/cut out the petals myself. I can make a template for them and add it to this post later today, if that would help.

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