ES Biology: Lesson 1

The first lesson (2-day per week lesson plan) took us two weeks to complete. There was a lot going on with our family (first and foremost), and I’m fairly sure I checked out too many books from the library. There were a few that were returned without being read. I split the Lesson into Day 1 and Day 2 from the guide (this we our first week), and this week we watched two shows about food chains/webs and did the Lesson 1 quiz.

That being said, and based off of one lesson worth of comparison….Bean likes science more than history. I’ll be curious to see how this stands halfway through the year. She’s always adored doing science experiments. Maybe I’ll end up with a sciencey-loves-to-create-stories child. Maybe I’m putting too much stock in one lesson.

We did not do the suggested project from the guide, but instead did one from the Kingfisher book. I gave both girls two cardboard squares to paint. The first one they painted in bright colors (yellow, pink, orange, red). The second one they painted in woodland colors (green, brown, black). We placed the squares in a treed area in our backyard to see which ones blended in.

DH also pulled out various camouflage uniforms he’s collected over the years through uniform updates and deployments. In theory, Bean could get inspiration from them.

Woodland (left), British Desert (top middle), Italian Desert (bottom middle), Deserts (top right), New Army (middle right), New Air Force (bottom right)

Herbivore                  Camouflage
Carnivore                   Food Chain
Omnivore                   Habitat
Predator                     Migration

Magic School Bus Hops Home
Magic School Bus Gets Eaten
Bill Nye the Science Guy – Food Webs (he also has episodes on biodiversity and life cycles, but we did not watch them)
Winged Migration
Really Wild Animals Season 1: Amazing Journeys (about migration; didn’t watch it, found it after we completed this lesson)

Habitats has some projects that might be fun to do in addition (or in place of) what is suggested in the ES guide.

Food Chain Frenzy is ongoing since it is a chapter book and not the only one we are reading at the moment.


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