Weekly Recap 9/16/12

Math – Math was a bit touch and go this week. We only did two lessons, 28 and 29. Because of the prep time/individual items needed for RS, it is easy for it to be shunted to the side if other things are going on.

Reading – Having a 15-minute time limit for reading seems to be working. It helped that Anne’s iPhone comes with awesome sound effects for her timer. I’ll have to figure something out once she’s gone.

Little Bear’s Visit
Little Bear (started, but not finished)

Current Read Aloud – Maroo of the Winter Caves

OPTGR – Bean began new lesson this week (140-145).  We will need to revisit 143 at some point since she had trouble with words beginning with “gn”.

ETC – Another lesson completed (“or” sound).

FLL – Repetition is paying off.  Bean recited “The Caterpillar” by Christina G. Rossetti with only minimal error. It was great! She also (mostly) has the definition of a noun down.

WWE – The first week of WWE mostly went over with Bean. This week’s literature selection was from Little House in the Big Woods. We had attempted to read it last year, but failed since it didn’t hold Bean’s attention. I didn’t know if she would deign to do the lesson because of this. But my fears were unfounded since she didn’t seem to remember nixing the book a year ago.

HistorySOTW 1: Chapter 2 (coming once I find the time to type it up)

Science – The first lesson of Biology ended up taking us two weeks. This week, we learned about food chains (Day 1) and took the lesson quiz (Day 2). Food Chain Frenzy is on our “to read” list once we’ve completed our current book. I do not want to try juggling multiple read alouds.

Logic – Again, we picked at a few pages of Mind Benders Verbal. Bean is getting the hang of it after a bit of a rough start.

Spanish – This week was a review of Leccion 7 of La Clase Divertida. We started this lesson several months ago, but then everything fell to the wayside during the summer. A big plus for this program is the level of retention Bean exhibited. Beyond the fact that she spent the summer telling us the colors in Spanish, she had no problem responding to the prompts the students in the video gave.


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