Second Brownie Meeting

In keeping with flow of our previous meeting, this one went well too. Pretty much the entire meeting was sitting and talking, and the girls acted with only minimal silliness. We did start 15 minutes late, but that ended up being for the best since both content and attention spans were over by our normal ending time.

What we did:

After Opening Circle, each girl pulled two pieces of paper out from a jar. Each piece of paper had a line of the GS Law written on it. I gave the girls poster board strips to write the lines on. It took them a good 15 minutes to do this part. A parent and my assistant leader also wrote on the strips; they had the title and opening line.

Once they finished, they had to put the lines in order. This took a fair amount of prompting from me since they aren’t familiar with the order. I asked them visualize the petals from our Daisy Petal Board (scroll to the bottom of the post), which seemed to help.

After the lines were in order, we went through the Law line by line, briefly talking about what each line meant.

I had planned on segueing into troop rules at this point, but I skipped that line on my outline by accident and went straight into talking about possible badges to earn. The girls came up with a mix of new badges, old Try-Its (I have a bunch of them hoarded), and Council’s Own (hopefully I can still get my hands on them).

The top choices:
Pets (new)
Potter (new)
Stitch It Together (old)
Archery (Council’s Own)
science (no specific badge was requested for this one, just science, and I’m assuming this means they want experiments, experiments, experiments)

Badges they’ll earn this year, regardless:
Brownie GS Way
Painting (YES!! to having an asst. leader who has an art degree and used to teach classes at a local art museum!)
Senses (we have to finish up Touch, which I’ll do during our first field trip)
Going Camping (Girl Guides of Canada – GGC)
Cook Out ( planning meals for a camp out, GGC)
Be Aware (campfire safety, GGC)
Which Way (basic compass reading, GGC)

Next we moved onto Troop Crests. It is going to take a bit of time to get the girls to agree on one crest.  Five girls gave me five choices, with several voting for more than one. We’ll do another vote at our next meeting. I want to make sure they truly want what they get since it is a reflection on what they stand for and want to accomplish as a troop.

The top choices:
Arrow (1 vote)
Bluebird (1 vote)
Lightning (1 vote, made by a Pokemon fan)
Unicorn (2 votes)
Waterfall (2 votes)

The final order of business tonight was to start talking about our upcoming camp out.  There is a strong possibility that one girl won’t be able to stay the night.  I want to make sure she can participate in as much as she can, so some of the critical activities will be planned around how long she can stay, and if she’s able to come back the following day.

I put five counters in the bag, two different colors. The above mentioned girl pulled first to set the color for dinner. Three girls will plan dinner and two will plan breakfast. At our next meeting, they’ll start planning what they want to do. I’ll make sure to have a parent assigned to each group since they will have to help with the preparation of the given meal. I’m curious to see what they come up with.

And because the talk of food brought up the lack of snacks this evening, I pointed out that we’ll start working on the new Snacks badge at our next meeting. The girls are excited about the prospect of making their own snacks. The kicker is that they will have to try at least one bite of each thing they make.  Last year, we had a bit of trouble at times when girls didn’t want to taste a new food, but I didn’t push it at the time. Because making the food is the badge, they will have to have a bite. No bite, no badge.


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