One of many reasons why I think my kid is awesome

A little bit of back story first since anyone who knows me knows that I am not hip to current technology. My cell phone has no camera and I’ve had it since 2007. We recently replaced my husband’s bought-in-Germany-in-1999 television with a non-converter-/adapter-needing television gifted to us by a friend’s mother. This “new” set is several years older than our German one. Moving up in the world.

So. This brings us to why my kid is so awesome. Upon choosing her spaceship today for the iPad app, Rocket Math (Catch that? We’re jumping from TVs that are from the previous millennium, to a new iPad; recently gifted to us), Bean raced into the kitchen squealing, “Momma! They have Doctor Who’s spaceship, except that it’s red!” To which I pointed out that the name of his spaceship is the Tardis, and to which she replied that she was going to choose the red Tardis. And that is why my kid rocks.


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