ES Biology: Lesson 2

This week, our lesson covered four habitats: forests, grasslands, deserts, and the arctic. The basics of the topic come from Science Around the World, and honestly, I would recommend skipping it and finding some good picture books on the subjects. There’s minimal meat thrown in with stats, which equaled an uninterested Bean. She preferred the picture books.

For a change of pace, I decided we would do the lapbooking pages that go with ES Biology since Bean is a crafty girl (though I did most of the cutting and gluing).  I have a huge stack of extra large construction paper, so I folded it in half and punched holes in it. It will be added into the huge 3″ pink binder I bought to store all her first grade work.  For the most part, she got it. I colored in the maps, and she colored pink zebras and bunnies, and blue beavers.

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Forests (haven’t watched yet)
Bill Nye the Science Guy: Deserts
Magic School Bus: All Dried Up (deserts)
Planet Earth: Seasonal Forests
Planet Earth: Great Plains (haven’t watched yet)
Planet Earth: Deserts
Planet Earth: Ice Worlds


I do not recommend either The Arctic Habitat or The Antarctic Habitat. There has to be better books on the subject than these ones. Very little was dedicated to the actual habitat. Most of the book dealt with the food chain, photosynthesis, and generic statements about the habitats.  The next time around, I will use different books.

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