It’s almost midnight, and I have a SWAP idea…

Thank the posters on one of the GS leader forums I visit for this one. I think it’s a pretty neat idea, but then, I’m tired, it’s working on midnight, and well…tomorrow morning, it might not seem so cool.

My combo Halloween / Juliette Lowe SWAP – take a large orange pearl bead, glue a jack o’lantern face and a stem on it, and attach a safety pin through a leaf/green ruffle thing attached to the stem (foam or felt). You might be able to make some of the curlicue things from florists wire.

If I could make one now, I would and post a picture of it. I can only hope that someone sees this and can turn it into something worthwhile. At worst, it’s a good springboard for something better. 🙂

ADDING: I just ordered the beads, so once I receive them, I will make the SWAP and post a picture of it. Even if it turns out junky.

Jack O’Lantern SWAP 1.o


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