Weekly Recap 9/23/12

We didn’t get everything finished this week. Most of it, but not all of it. We didn’t do one day of history (we’ll make that up on Monday since I forgot to request next week’s history books until Friday), one day of Spanish, and one lesson each of math and FLL. None of it will break the bank. And one of the beauties of homeschooling is that we go until we’re done with the year’s worth of lessons. If it takes us until the end of next July, no biggie.

Math – Lessons 30-34 completed

Reading – I had to force her to finish Little Bear. I have no clue what her aversion to it is as I think it’s a cute book. She’d much prefer to read the Pooh books.

Little Bear
Pooh’s Leaf Pile
Weather (Disney Classic Pooh)
Camilla the Cupcake Fairy: Best Friends
Pooh’s Fall Harvest
(started, but not completed)

Current Read Aloud – Finished Maroo of the Winter Caves; read Trouble At Trident Academy

OPTGR – Lessons 146-150 completed. We’ll probably go back and review a few of these lessons. I’m on the fence about it because Bean does a decent amount of reading, so she should pick up on the sounds from that. She can get them for the most part as it is. Part of her problem might be that the words are out of context in the lessons.

ETC – Lesson 3 completed. “er”, “ir”, “ur” were the sound combos covered. I like the pace of one lesson per week. It works with Bean’s attention span.

FLL – Work continues on further noun definitions. Six of the first nine lessons deal with nouns. Of the other three, two deal with narration and one is “The caterpillar.”  I know that a common complaint about FLL is the sheer amount of repetition, but it has really been helping Bean. We also only do it 3x per week. If we did it every day, she would get burned out quickly.

WWE – This week’s copywork and narrations were centered on The Adventures of Pinocchio. Bean had a hard time pulling out the details of the selected passages, even with help/prompting.

History – We started Chapter 3, but did not complete it.  There are a few more picture books I want to read, and we need to do the cuneiform clay tablet activity.

ScienceES Biology: Lesson 2. In addition, Bean’s Magic School Bus Science Kit (Air) arrived this week. The more of these she does, the more DH loathes them. It is a constant source of annoyance for him that the experiments rely heavily on household items that we don’t have; say empty juice boxes or 2 liter soda bottles. Bean enjoys them for the most part, as does Bug.

Logic – after this week, I’m going to leave logic off the recap until we start a new book.

Spanish – Bean started Leccion 8. I usually only take a week do to any given lesson since she generally picks up the information quickly. The actual content of this particular lesson is only around 10 minutes, so if I tried to have her do it for the recommended two weeks, she would mutiny. We don’t use the student workbooks, but we do listen to the songs in the car.


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