Daisies 9/27/12

Tonight’s meeting went much better than last week’s. Much better. Even though the girls were a bit rowdy and had some listening issues, none of it was really out of hand – maybe only marginally more than what is acceptable for a bunch of six year olds.

After opening circle, I went over the GS Law again with the girls. First with our Daisy Board, reading the Law to them. Then I passed around a cup with the individual lines in it and had each girl in turn take one, and tell me what she thought that line meant. Some of the girls needed help reading the lines, but then some of the words are not at a first grade reading level. I did have to remind them not to talk out of turn multiple times, but at least it was because they wanted to contribute versus just randomly talking. Bean was the last one to go, and she coincidentally pulled out Responsible For What I Say and Do. We talked about that briefly, and took a break before launching into the subject du jour, the Orange Petal.

I found the game Daisy Islands while searching the web. Basically, it’s musical chairs, but with different sized pieces of fabric (or foam, or whatever) on the floor. Each time the music stops, one is taken away. However, instead of one girl being “out”, they had to keep squeezing more girls onto less pieces of fabric until they all had to cram on to one dish towel. They LOVED IT! And they all (for the most part) did well. Going on the history of my girls and games, this was one was a winner all around. I think we will use it at future meetings to break them up as needed.

Next the girls sat down again and my mom helper passed out Mari coloring pages. While they colored, I gave them examples of being responsible for what you and do. A few of them chimed in, and we had to steer the conversation away from the naughty words one isn’t supposed to say since they seemed to want to try to one up each other on the words. It was nipped in the bud fairly quickly.

Once they finished coloring, I told them to crumple the pictures up in a tight little ball. A few of them were hesitant, and one I had to coax her to do it by promising that I would give her a new Mari coloring sheet after the meeting. Once they crumpled it, I made them try to smooth it out as best they could. This lead into the crumpled paper story of how you can never take back a mean word once it has been said, no matter how much you apologize and try to make it right.

Next up were troop rules. We set them last year, but I wanted to revisit them as a reminder and see if the girls wanted to change them at all. They all voted to keep them the same. It will be hard enough for them to remember to follow those four rules. I couldn’t imagine trying to get them to follow more.

Consequences mostly stayed the same. The big change is on #3 – I call your parent to pick you up instead of sitting out the remainder of the meeting. That got the girls’ attention. We’ll see how many times it takes getting to #3 to curb behavior. Though even my one girl only made it to #1 with a strong threat of #2.  I think I may have stumbled on her currency – snacks and crafts. While this should have been painfully obvious to me before, it wasn’t. I made sure to say multiple times that if the five minute time out happens during a game or a craft or snack that you will miss out. If I can keep this girl at a buzz versus a scream, I will be very happy.

I had meant to introduce my Behavior Daisy, but it got skipped. We’ll go over it at our next meeting. The idea is that every time the troop gets rowdy and doesn’t knock it off, a petal is removed from the daisy. If all of the petals are removed during a given meeting, the meeting is over no ifs, ands, or buts.

My ultimate plan is to glue the yellow center on red poster board, then attach the petals with the stick-um velcro squares.

Our final topic for the evening was kapers. We didn’t have a lot of time left, so the only thing we did was to make kaper markers. I have the girls a blank daisy to color. Then I gave them a center to write their names on. I forgot to bring the glue sticks, so I’ll have to glue them on tonight.

I am either going to punch a hole in one petal to hang it from a hook on our kaper chart, or I’m going to use the stick-um velcro square. I do want to change up what our kapers are this year. We have half as many girls, so I don’t need to stretch it out to accommodate 14 girls. The most I’ll take this year at Daisy level is eight, so my goal is to hit eight kapers. Line Leader is going to be added this year since the girls were bickering a bit about who was it tonight (we use two rooms at the church).

So off the top of my head:
Line Leader
Craft Helper
Snack Helper
Promise Leader
Closing Ceremony Chooser (there has to be a better way to phrase this)

I’m sure the girls will help me round it out when we talk about it at our next meeting. I want the chart prepped and ready to go, so once they decide on the kapers, I can pop them on the board and away we go!


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