Nature Center

Today was our first troop trip of the year. And it was a winner! 7 of 11 girls came, so not too shabby a turnout. The woman from New York State Parks who lead us on a wildflower walk earlier this year was in charge of our visit today. I had sent her the requirements for three Try-Its: Plants, Watching Wildlife, and Eco-Explorer. The girls did a few requirements from each Try-It. We’ll have to finish them up throughout the year. The two Daisies who were there today will get a “Nature Fun” fun patch.

Here’s what we did (taken from the outline she sent me):

2. Plant rubbings – Take the girls outside with some large paper to do rubbings on tree bark and we can find some leaves to rub
4. Leaf Hunt – Collect some leaves to bring back and complete a leaf journal

Watching Wildlife
3. A New Wardrobe – Show furs and skulls
6. Outdoor Shopping – Along with the furs and skulls, discuss and show items different animals would “shop” for

1. Exploring Nature –  As a group we can go do the scavenger hunt. Make up one sheet and have it on a clipboard. We will not collect a thing but will spend time looking and exploring!

The weather was great, so we spent a lot of time outdoors. The girls had a lot of fun running around getting tree rubbings, collecting leaves, and trying to find things from the scavenger hunt list. If we hadn’t been so close to when we were supposed to finish, I would have let them stay down on the lakeshore longer than I did. We weren’t visible to returning parents, and I didn’t want anyone to get worried.

Getting ready to do tree rubbings

Working on leaf journals / rubbings

Learning about red and gray foxes

Scavenger hunt!


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