Weekly Recap 9/30/12

Math – Lessons 35-37 completed. Lesson 38 partially completed. This lesson consists of a test and triangles. We only completed the test since we had a field trip on Friday. Bean only missed one problem out of ten. The one she answered wrong asked to identify the number three hundred – 3000, 30, or 300. She chose 3000. So we talked about place value and had her fix her answer.


Pebble Plus Cheetahs
Big Cats Cheetahs
Pooh’s Fall Harvest
Owl At Home
Pebble Plus Lions
Big Cats Lions
Pebble Plus Elephants

Current Read Aloud – The Blue Fairy Book, Egyptian Myths, Lions at Lunchtime

OPTGR – Lessons 151-158 completed. There were several days that we doubled up on lessons. Some of them are review in the sense that we have already covered the sound combos in ETC – “ar”, “or”, and “ir”.

ETC – Lesson 4 completed. Sounds covered were “wor” and “war”. Bean will need a little extra practice with these sounds. Probably not to the point that we need to do the half book, but I will probably have her redo this lesson once we’ve completed the book.

FLL – Lessons 10 – 16 completed. We doubled/tripled up the lessons this week.  We’re still on nouns (I think the first 45 lessons are dedicated to nouns), but the lessons are short enough that it was simple to do more than one. She’s having no trouble whatsoever picking up on it, so it’s not a bother. She knows a common versus a proper noun. She has “The Caterpillar” memorized. She also started working on memorizing the poem “Work.”

WWE – This week centered on passages from “Rumplestiltskin” from The Blue Fairy Book. This is one of the books I read countless times during the summer as a child, so I pulled it off the shelf once we finished and read the entire story. We read a few other stories, and I found I had to modify some of the language slightly (“Toads and Diamonds”).

History – We completed Chapter 3: The First Writing. (to be linked once I’ve completed the post)

Science – We did Lesson 3, which covered mammals (in general), cheetahs, lions, and elephants. I liked that Bean was able to read a fair number of the books herself. (this lesson will be linked once I’ve completed the post)

Spanish – Bean started Leccion 9. This will be a two-weeker, I think. I need to dig out the student book to see if there’s anything in there that would be useful. Generally, I’ve ignored it since it seems to be geared for an older child.


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