SOTW1: Ch 3

It has taken us two weeks to do Chapter 3: The First Writing. In part because we were only able to do history one day last week. Last week, I read the chapter while Bean colored the corresponding picture from the student workbook. We did read several myths from Egyptian Myths, but that was it.

This week, we did history on Wed and Thurs. On Wed, we wrote in cuneiform on clay-ish tablets. I bought the Crayola Model Magic, and while it is pliable, it is also springy, and you had to press down hard in order for the impression to be easily visible. I would not recommend using it. I also had to hunt down a standard head screw driver because for some reason, every one I could easily find was a phillips head.  Moving on. Because we ended up doing this right around bedtime, I read Bean Seeker of Knowledge for a bedtime story.

On Thursday, we read two of the picture books. Bean wanted to build the model Ancient Egyptian house from Footsteps In Time The Egyptians. It was a bit of rough going because we used the Crayola Model Magic. I definitely don’t recommend using it for this either. I do plan on using several other activities from this book as we move through ancient Egypt – a collar necklace, a scarab amulet, and possibly one or two others depending on time.



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