Brownies #3

Brownies is going to be different from Daisies in that there is not enough time to get everything done! Admittedly, I probably was a bit ambitious in my outline of what I wanted to do tonight, but I would rather have too much than too little, and that is how I felt with Daisies (needing to have snack-time in order to fill time).

Tonight we had a new Brownie. She will be the last one – so six girls – since that will put my troop total at 14 girls. And because another mother is in the process of starting up another Brownie troop in town. I don’t want to take any girls away from her. And I don’t want any more girls than I already have. Anywho…

We started with the GS Promise and our GS Law Puzzle.  I told them that once they get the hang of it, I’ll see how quickly they can put the pieces in order to win a prize.  That went over well.

Then we moved on to Badge choice and further Troop Crest voting. I told the girls the Top Five Badges for the year and they were excited. I think we’ll try to sneak some of Home Scientist in at our campout. Mentos/Coke geysers and film canister rockets sound like fun.

The Troop Crest choices were narrowed down to two: Arrow and Waterfall. They each had two votes (sorry Unicorns!). We’ll do our final vote at our next meeting.

We reviewed troop rules and consequences. They also agree to keep it as is from last year, though they giggled over the rule about keeping clothes/uniforms/shoes on at all times.

On to the fun stuff! Kapers! After a little bit of dissention (but no helpful alternatives) the girls decided upon:

  • GS Promise Leader
  • Craft Helper
  • Line Leader (we use several different rooms throughout any given meeting)
  • Badge Reader (this duty entails telling everyone what badge(s) we’ll be working on, and then reads the directions for completing individual steps before we start them)
  • Closing Song (you get to the choose song we sing for our Closing Circle)
  • Friendship Squeeze Starter

Once the kapers were settled, the girls had to decorate their name cards for the charts: brownies!

I think it’s pretty neat. I’m sure someone else can take this idea and make it better. I had initially wanted to have the brownies sitting on a picture of a 3-tiered cake stand, but I couldn’t get it to work without making it huge.

I wrote the girls’ names on the sides of the brownies, half of their names on each side. I also drew the lines to mark the sides/tops so they didn’t look like funky brown cardstock diamonds. The girls decorated the tops with glitter, glitter glue, and sequins. They are some neat looking brownies!

For the plates, I cut out ovals from some paisley cardstock. My assistant leader did the silver accents and wrote the kapers down.

After they finished their brownies, I had them write thank-you cards for the women who did our nature center trip last weekend. I’ll drop the cards off next week.

From there, the girls divided into their campout cooking groups to start brainstorming what they want to cook. There is one mom per group who is in charge (not in the same group as her daughter).

We ran out of time to start on the Meet My Customers Badge (cookie-selling). We’ll start it next time. That and the Snacks Badge.  We start our pre-sales of cookies this Saturday. Oh boy. Let the craziness begin.


2 responses to “Brownies #3

  1. great idea for a GS law puzzle- but can you give me a template?

    • All I did was cut a poster board into strips. 🙂 The girls wrote down one line of the GS Law per strip, then had to put them in the right order. At the beginning of meetings after that, the girls had to put the Law in order.

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