Weekly Recap 10/7/12

Math – Lessons 39-44. In theory, we should have completed the remainder of Lesson 38 on Monday. I skipped it because I didn’t want to deal with cutting multiple pages of triangles. I figure that she won’t be mathematically scarred for life if we skipped cotter tens fractals at age 6. We also skipped half of Lesson 41 since Bean already has a good grip on the traditional names of numbers (like saying sixty instead of six-ten). And finally, we skipped Lessons 42 and 43 completely. She can count by ten, and she (generally) knows the traditional name for the teens.


Pebbles Plus Zebras
Pooh’s Honey Tree
Pooh’s Halloween Parade
Pooh’s Surprise Basket
Tiggers Hate to Lose
Hippos (In the Wild)

Current Read Aloud – Food Chain Frenzy, The Mouse and the Motorcycle

OPTGR – Lessons 159-165 completed.

ETC – Lesson 5 completed (review of previous lessons).

FLL – Lessons 17 – 19 completed. These covered the “places” part of nouns. Bean also has pretty much all of the poem “Work” memorized.

WWE – This week’s selection came from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I have both the original version and The Nursery Alice. We had started to read Nursery Alice, but never finished it. One thing different about the work this week was that in addition to Bean narrating a one sentence response to what she remembered about the passage, she had to copy that sentence after I wrote it down.

History – We started Chapter 4: The Old Kingdom of Egypt. Essentially, it’s mummies and pyramids. I’m purposefully stretching this out to two-ish weeks since either topic could be a chapter on it’s own. This is the last chapter dealing with Egypt for a while, which is a good thing as I think Bean is starting to get Egypted out.

Science – This week was Lesson 4, which covered zebras, hippos, and foxes. We still need to get caught up on science experiments.

Spanish – Still plugging away at Leccion 9. We only got around to watching it once this week.


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