Homeschooling Schedule Board

I used a somewhat half-hearted system last year when Bean was a K’er, but this year I needed to be more organized because of the increased subject load. I had a rough idea of making some sort of large board with all of the subjects we need to accomplish on any given day on it. If I tried to make a precise schedule that included when we would start each subject and how long it would last (say, math at 9am and reading at 9:30am), I would fail miserably and end up overwhelmed and frustrated.

Instead, Anne helped me brainstorm the board below.  She also is the one who drew everything and put it together for me. It’s still a work in progress as I figure out exactly what will ultimately work for us, but I think it will be very similar to what I’m using now.

Each column has what I want to cover per day. If we don’t do it, I just leave the subject tab on that column (attached by velcro stick-ems), to be made up on either Saturday or Sunday. Underneath the day columns is a large box that has additional subjects I would like to do if we have the time to fit them in. Each tab corresponds to how many times per week I want to do that subject.


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