Aquarium and Air Force Base


This past Saturday we attended a Cookie Kickoff Party at the Aquarium of Niagara Falls. It was hectic, but a lot of fun. We had a private sea lion show and cookie tastings. Five of the girls from my troop were able to go with their families.

Cookie sales started the same day. Let the madness begin! (And this year, I have the feeling that the girls are going to be selling a lot more cookies.  We sold 1029 boxes last year – only 10 of 15 girls participated.)

Base Tour

We were invited to join an area Boy Scout Pack for a tour of our local air force base. It was a fun opportunity that fell into my lap because I shared a tent with the pack at the Wildlife Festival. And (probably) because I volunteered my husband to be a stop on the tour.

All but two girls in our troop were able to go. I managed to get my “P” roads mixed up, and put the wrong one in the email I sent out to everyone. There was some minor drama, for which I profusely apologized, but everyone made it in the end.

Because there were a lot of kids/families, we were divided up into several groups to rotate between the stops. DH was the first stop for most of my troop. He talked about his job and showed off his bomb suit, robots, and various grenades and ordnance.

Next up was the fire house. Again, they talked about what they do and showed off their gear. I liked that the person demonstrating the gear (all 100 lbs of it) was a woman. The girls got to try on various helmets and masks after the talk. Then we went outside to watch several of their trucks show off their water grenades. All of the kids were suitably impressed. If the weather had been warmer, the firefighters would have sprayed the kids.

Our final stop was a C-130. We sat in the cargo hold while they talked about what the plane was used for, then the kids were allowed to climb into the cockpit for a look around. I think that was the best part for my girls. They were amazed at the amounts of buttons and switches in there (even on the ceiling!).

For my Brownies, this is one of the requirements for Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast’s Air Force Pride Try-It. (They have badges for all five branches of the military at most of the different scouting levels.) We’ll do two other requirements at our November 1st meeting – my husband will come in to talk to the girls about military life and where he’s traveled, and we’ll put together hygiene kits/”thank you for your service” cards for the VA hospital. That will leave us with one last requirement – to either learn about several planes the AF uses or to listen to and learn the AF song.

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