Daisies 10/11/12

Of the three meetings so far, this one was by far the smoothest. There was still too much distracting energy; four girls received a 1st warning, and two received a 2nd warning, but over all it was very doable. Painter’s tape X’s worked much better for seat markers than did washcloths (spur of the moment grab from my rag bin for our previous meeting). They still picked at them a little bit, but this is how I’ll do it from here on out. No Archer and wine for me tonight!

As of tonight, my troop is at capacity. Two new kindergarten girls joined (older sisters in Girl Scouts), which puts Daisies at eight girls and my troop total at 14. I don’t feel comfortable handling any more than this based upon my experience last year.

During Opening Circle, I introduced the two new Daisies (though just now I realized that I didn’t say their names. Doh! Just that we have two new girls and we need to help them learn how to be a GS) and did a recap of last week’s meeting.  I feel kind of bad for the two new girls since right out of the gate, the meeting was about the Behavior Daisy and rules and consequences, but it’s something that needs to be done.

I pulled out our kaper chart to show the girls. I had six kapers written out, but we need two more since we have eight girls. I kind of figured they would go for second helpers on crafts and snacks, but I wanted them to have the final say on that. Our kapers this year are:

Promise Leader
Line Leader
Craft Helper (2)
Snack Helper (2)
Closing Song
Friendship Squeeze Starter

Because the Daisy Islands game was popular last time, we played it again to help break up the heavy from the cookies (our main topic of the evening). The girls adored it. All seven of them managed to squeeze onto one of my dish towels, giggling their little heads off.  And this time, I remember to download a song to my iPad first! (Purple People Eater) I need to think of more games to use at meetings so this one doesn’t get stale.

The Leaf we were technically earning tonight was Talk It Up, but just by going over the basics of cookies (types, costs, and personal sales goals) the girls covered Count It Up as well. This puts me in the dilemma of do I give the K’ers both leaves? They technically earned it even if it wasn’t the one we were working on. I mean, you don’t withhold part of someone’s paycheck when they’ve earned it, right? I know this is a different situation entirely, but I hate to not give them something they’ve earned. Oh well. I’ll figure it out at some point.

Moving on. We went over the types of cookies and how much a box costs. I asked the girls what their favorite kind was. Then we talked about personal goals for how much they want to sell (or which recognitions they want to get). In order to break it up a bit, we played a cookie game: What Cookie Am I? I made small cards that popped into a headband from a game called Hedbanz. (I’m not too sure on that part, but that’s what’s on the band that Bug appropriated from a friend’s house) I popped a card in, popped it on the girl’s head, and the rest of them had to offer clues as to what cookie it was.  Another popular, giggly game.

I was at the council store this week and almost bought some cookie pencils/pins, but couldn’t think of how I could give them out as prizes. I should have just bought them because they would have been perfect to give to each girl as she guessed her cookie.

The other cookies are on the other side of the cards.

After the game, I opened a box of the new Mango Cremes for the girls to try. Some of them had already at the Cookie Kickoff. It was a surprisingly popular cookie among them. I like it, personally. It’s sweet with a bit of kicky tang to it. I hope it does well. I’ll buy a box or two and cut up the cookies as samples for our booth.

The Talk It Up Leaf is a bit tricky with Daisies. I don’t know if they’re mature enough to grasp monetary concepts – how to use cookie money and helping others with it. I started by telling them what I did with last year’s money – badges, field trips, camp out. I asked them what they thought we should do with it this year. They pretty much regurgitated what I had said. I tried to do a bit of steering towards fun things (like an aquarium overnight). They grasped it and so I think we’ll be looking toward that as a troop this year. The three girls who went last year had fun and they all want to do it again.

The second requirement of how to use our money to help others went right over their heads. Again, I gave examples of what what I would like to do this year (VA hospital kits and Birthday In A Box off the top of my head). Bean helpfully suggested that we buy furniture for people who have none (not bad per se…when the girls are older, I would like to help one of our local refugee resettlement groups by prepping an apartment for a new refugee family). Kids this age are still very self-focused. They don’t necessarily “get” that they’re a little cog in the great clockwork of life.

For the third requirement, I gave them suggestions of how to respond when customers ask various questions/statements,

“What is your favorite cookie?”
“So how is this new Mango Creme?”
“What do Daisy Girl Scouts do?”
“I was a Girl Scout when I was a girl…”

We’ll keep working on this at future meetings. I have a feeling that more than five girls will be doing booths this year, and I would like to have them somewhat prepped for it.

Because we sat still for so long, we stood up and did some follow-the-leader stretches and silliness. Then we went next door to work on our craft – a cookie SWAP. It’s for practice really, since we have no one to swap with.

I taped aluminum foil around a 2″ x 1 1/2″ piece of heavy watercolor paper. Double-sided tape works nicely for making the back look mostly seamless. Then I glued 1/2″ circles of light brown foam on to it and dotted chocolate chips on with a brown permanent marker. If you can find a craft punch that does 1/2″ circles, I would recommend it. I need to track one down that has a large enough opening for foam. The one I ordered last minute off Amazon did not.  And besides, the edges it left on regular paper were fuzzy. Not a good quality punch.

We went straight into snacks from there, then back over to our main room for closing circle. My #1 did her crazy thing again with the friendship squeeze, but because she was sitting next to me, I hugged her to me while we sane “Make New Friends.”

All’s well that ends well, I guess. Tomorrow we’re going to a local farm for apple picking, a corn maze, a hay ride, a bounce house, and pumpkins. Hopefully the wind isn’t too awful.

Completed Behavior Daisy


7 responses to “Daisies 10/11/12

  1. “The second requirement of how to use our money to help others went right over their heads.”

    Last year with our daisies we chose 3 service project ideas and paired them with a reward activity and let the girls vote…they actually voted for the service not the reward! It was surprising to me! I was so proud!….we are changing up the voting process this year by 1st allowing the girls to make suggestions of service and reward ideas… Then the leaders chose our top 3 of each service and reward ideas Now at our parent meeting the girls will get to silent vote for there favorite of each 🙂 Win win and girl driven 🙂

  2. Help, I loved your cookie sheet swap idea and want to make them with our brownie troop. I made a few up as prototypes and the cookies won’t stay glued to the sheet! I tried elmers first, then tacky crafting glue. Both just peel right off at the slightest rub. I was going to try hot glue but that’s not terribly kid-friendly. What glue did you use? Does it matter which side of the aluminum you use? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! 🙂

  3. What kind of glue did you use on the cookie sheets? I tried both Elmers and Tacky crafting glue and the cookies keep falling off. I would appreciate any tips, thanks!

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