ES Biology: Lesson 5

This week’s lesson covered camels, giraffes, and deer. And we actually managed to complete an experiment in its designated week! – How do camels walk across the sand? It was simple to set up and did a good job explaining the concept.

I dumped some sugar into a pasta bowl, found a dime, and cut a 2″-ish circle from a playing card. I put the dime on the sugar and pushed down on it with a pencil (it went under the sugar). Then I put the playing card circle on the sugar and pressed down (it stayed on the surface). I explained to Bean why this happened, using walking in snow versus using snow shoes as an example.

Bean having a go

I also managed to get a second experiment in – Runaway Pepper – from the previous lesson. We had to do it several times because she thought it was the neatest thing watching the pepper fly across the water to the edges of the bowl once I put a drop of dish soap in it.

Nature: Tall Blonds (giraffes)

Kingfisher pgs 34, 35, & 38

Bean read Pebble Plus Camels, Pebble Plus Giraffes, and Pebble Deer.

We ended up skimming most of the other deer book since it was a bit on the wordy side for Bean.

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