Jack O’Lantern SWAP 1.0

I have finally assembled jack o’lantern 1.0, first envisioned during an almost midnight thinking frenzy. The plan is for my Brownies to make them on Thursday for their pen pals. I hope it isn’t too advanced for them. I don’t think so, but I guess I’ll find out.

I bent a piece of florist’s wire in half and popped a small orange bead in the U. Then I slid the pearl onto the wire until it pressed up against the bead.

I bend the two wires out away from each other. Then I wound one end of the wire around a tooth pick, cutting off the excess. With the other wire, I pushed a green leaf onto it. (I used a foam leaf on my 1.0, but the girls used a 3/4″ maple leaf cut from a craft punch.) Then I bent a loop into the wire and wrapped the end of the wire around it several times to secure it, cutting off the excess.

Then I drew on a face with a fine tip black sharpie.

I had visions of glitter for the face, but that didn’t happen with 1.0. I have to run to Hobby Lobby for other things, so I’m going to grab some of the 1/4″ wide double-sided scrapbook tape (triangle eyes) and possibly some glue dots (half circle mouths). Tomorrow night will be jack o’lantern 2.0.

Jack O’Lantern 1.0


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