Weekly Recap 10/14/12

Math – Lessons 45-48. Technically only half of Lesson 48.


Pooh’s Best Friend
Pebble Arctic Foxes
Pebble Plus Red Foxes
Pebble Plus Look Inside a Pyramid
Rabbit Gets Lost

Current Read Alouds – Mummies in the Morning, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Ruby the Red Fairy

OPTGR – Lessons 165-171 completed. These have been a nice review of sounds already covered in ETC (“war”, “wor”). Bean is doing better with those sounds. We’ll see if we need to revisit these lessons again for further practice.

ETC – Lesson 6 completed. This lesson covered “igh” and “ight”. It was good review for her since we covered them in OPTGR a while ago.

FLL – Lessons 20-22 completed. Lesson 22 was a story narration. Bean had a bit of trouble answering the questions at the end of the story. I don’t know if it’s because she doesn’t quite get it or if she was off in lala land while I was reading it.

WWE – Week 5 covered excepts from “the Princess and the Frog.” Again, Bean had trouble answering questions about the passages even though I asked the questions within seconds of finishing it.

History – Because Monday was Columbus Day, we skipped Ancients and read some books about Columbus. They gave a decent basic overview. As  Bean gets older, we’ll go into more detail about it.

On Thursday, we finished up Chapter 4 in SOTW1. I feel somewhat bad for Bean because we haven’t been able to really do any of the fun activities, like mummifying a chicken or building a pyramid. I have no clue how we’d be able to do it w/the two littles. Bug is easily enthralled by the iPad, so she would be an easy fix, but the baby is harder. If I hold him, he screams because I’m not holding him properly. If I put him down, he screams because how dare I put him down. I never knew that boys could be such drama queens. We could do the fun stuff when he’s asleep, but by that point the state of my house is driving me nuts and I have to make some sort of attempt to straighten in up. *sigh*

Science – This week we did Lesson 5, which covered camels, giraffes, and deer. We also did both the experiment from this week (how camels walk on sand) and from last week (runaway pepper).

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