Brownies 10/18/12

I absolutely LOVE Brownies! There is so much more to do with them then with Daisies. I love that we don’t have enough time to get everything done because it means I won’t run out of time and have to find some kind of time-filler.

Tonight the girls finished up their camp out meal planning. They had to finalize details, write an ingredients list, and write a utensils-necessary-for-making-the-meal list. I’ll go over everything this weekend, type it up, and send it to our camp mom and the meal team leader moms.

When they finished that up, we started the cookie selling badge, Meet My Customers. We only did the first two steps. I hadn’t planned on doing any more than that because of everything else I wanted to do tonight.  It worked out perfectly because they started to get antsy close to the time we finished.

Our Badge Reader read the steps as we did them. We talked about who we sold cookies to so far and who else we could sell too and made up a list (Step 1). We played the What Cookie Am I? game, then talked about which cookie is our favorite. I had one more box of the Mango Cremes and the girls each had to try one. They were divided on whether they liked it or not. One of the girls had to be cajoled into taking one little bite (she can be picky about trying new foods sometimes). I pointed out to her that it is bad business to not try the cookie because what happens if someone asks her opinion when she’s working the booth?

After the game and tasting, we talked about how much a box of cookies costs, and then went to get a drink of water. We ended up only starting Step 2 because the girls were getting restless. We still need to go over what we want to do with our cookie money (activities for the girls and service projects). My hope is to get a few more steps completed at our next meeting. I doubt we’ll be able to finish the badge because a veteran (my husband) is coming to talk to the girls about his military experiences, and to teach them how to properly fold a flag.

From here, we went to our craft room to make pearl jack o’lantern SWAPs for our pen pals. I let each girl make two if she wanted – one for her pen pal and one for her.  I’m only missing one pen pal letter, which means I’ll most likely get the box out on Saturday. And I just realized that I forgot to take a group photo of the girls to include in the box. *sigh*

By the time the girls finished their SWAPs, we had five minutes left of meeting time. I had everything ready for them to do Step 2 of the Snacks Badge, but we ran out of time. I’ll have to fit it in at our next meeting. Even though the church’s kitchen won’t be free, it shouldn’t be too hard to make hummus in the craft room. There’s a sink and an outlet I can plug a mini food processor into. I felt bad disappointing them! I would have no problem meeting every week with these girls, and we wouldn’t run out of things to do.

Up next for us is our camp out the last weekend of October. Our first November meeting focuses on Veteran’s Day, our second November meeting will be at an indoor archery range, we start the Painting Badge at our first December meeting, and we have our Christmas Party with the Daisies at our second December meeting. Throw in the Service Unit’s PJ Round Up and a trip to an art museum, and rest of this calendar year is done.

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