SOTW1: Ch 5

This week was Chapter 5: The First Sumerian Dictator. There really wasn’t a lot to this chapter other than talking about Sargon. Not really a problem, but there aren’t a lot of children’s books out there about him. Well, none that I could find. But, it was a nice change of pace from Egypt, and Bean is always game for a You Wouldn’t Want To Be... book. She seems to have taken a shine to that series.

We finally did some crafts/activities for this chapter! Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors is a goldmine of activities for Mesopotamia. There are 5 activities I would like to do with Bean.

The first craft we made was the Queen’s Headdress (pgs 61-62) with a few modifications. For the band, we used blue poster board I had lying around instead of painting a white poster board strip blue – a nice time saver. I was not able to find gold foil for the ornaments, so I bought a sheet of gold glitter foam instead. This was also a nice time saver as it cut out several steps in the instructions.

I drew the shapes on the foam and Bean cut them out. I did most of the attaching, but Bean stapled a few of the leaves on. Because the foam is flimsy, I hot glued some popsicle sticks to the back of the flower to keep them upright.

Overall a successful craft, and one I would do again.

Legacy: The Origins of Civilization, “Iraq: Cradle of Civilization”


Both Mesopotamia and Rich and Poor in Mesopotamia cover multiple empires in Mesopotamia (Sumarian, Assyrian, and Babylonian), but they’re good books worth reading. Rich and Poor… has excerpts from tablets found during excavations that give details into everyday life (including a teenage son complaining about how unfashionable his clothes are and how his mother is essentially ruining his life).


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