Gloria’s Story Redo

This Thursday, my Daisies will start earning their Purple Petal – Respect Myself and Others. This will be the rare Petal where I actually use the new Guide. Most of the stories are awful and there are much better alternatives available for the given Petal. However, for Gloria, the bones of the story are alright. It needs some tweaking, but on the whole very doable.

I will start off with my major complaint regarding this Petal, that the focus in both the old way of earning this Petal and the in new Guide is on good personal hygiene and manners. Yes good hygiene is necessary for respecting oneself, and manners are part of respect, but there is nothing out there for respect from a behavioral standpoint. It just seems that focusing on brushing your teeth and writing thank you letters is a cop-out to discussing the overall lack of behavioral respect for others our society seems to exhibit.

My troop needs that behavioral focus. They need a parable that shows them, or reinforces, how one is respectful to others around them.What do my girls need to work on?

* Don’t interrupt
* Don’t talk (to your neighbor) while another is talking
* Don’t goof off and/or be silly during circle time

With that in mind, Anne and I spent a decent chunk of time today revamping Gloria’s Story to better suit the points I want my girls to pick up on. We also included movements for the girls to do so they can physically participate in the story.

Here is what we came up with:

I hope that other troops are able to use this, or that it gives them a springboard for modifications that suit their particular troop.


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