Weekly Recap 10/21/12

We went on a field trip on Friday to the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. The kids adore the museum and love visiting it. I tend to see the trips there as daunting. Between the drive there and back, and trying to keep an eye on three children at once, it is both physically and psychologically draining.  The kids had fun with their friends, so that’s what counts, right?

Math – Last half of Lesson 48-Lesson 53. The last four lessons had Bean using the second side of her abacus (set up as columns for 1000s, 100s, 10s, and 1s). One she got the hang of using it to add, she couldn’t get enough of it. She likes the “trading” game – I give her a set of numbers that she has to add together until she reaches a set total (like 100). She used it total her score from Animal Yahtzee.


The Littles Go On A Hike
Best Friends in Fairyland
Giant Pandas
Giant Pandas

Current Read Aloud – Half Magic

OPTGR – Lessons 172-176 completed.

ETC – Lesson 7 completed. This lesson covered the two pronunciations of, “oo”.

FLL – Lessons 23-28 completed. Most of these lessons dealt with things, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Bean also started memorizing a new poem, “Hearts Are Like Doors.”

WWE – Week 6 covered experts from Mary Poppins. I have never read the book (only seen the Julie Andrews movie), and it seems like it would be less saccharine than the movie. I checked it out from the library to read out loud to Bean once we’re finished with Half Magic. I’ve also requested the movie from our library to watch once we’re finished with the book.

History – We did Chapter 5 this week. It is a short chapter text-wise, but between the various picture books and the craft project, we pulled it out to a week. We could pull it out even longer if I wanted to because there are more craft projects I want to do. The next chapter we’ll do is set in Mesopotamia as well, so we’ll do some more of the crafts then.

Science – we covered Lesson 6: Polar Bears, Pandas, and Chimpanzees.

Spanish – We continued Leccion 10. I’m starting to waffle about using the next in this series when Bean is finished, or switching to something else. I like this program, and Bean is retaining most of what’s learned, but it seems somewhat piecemeal in that she knows individual words, but not very many sentences with which to use those words.


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