Daisies 10/25/12

Our meeting tonight covered two main topics: Cookies and Respect Myself and Others.

We opened with a partial review of what we covered last time: we went over the eight different kinds of cookies, how much a box costs, and went over our personal goals and if we’d made them yet (some girls have, others haven’t). Most girls set their goals right around 100 boxes.

We didn’t go over our troop sales goal or what we want to do with the money, so we’ll do that next time at the beginning of our meeting.  There’s only so much cookie one can take.

To break up the meeting a bit, we played a game of “Mother, May I?” I wanted to tie it into the Petal as you have to wait for permission from “mother” to move, and if you move without “mother’s” permission, you have to go back to the starting point.

The game was somewhat of a flop. The girls liked hopping, etc… when it was their turn to move, but there was a lot of waiting around. That kind of defeats the purpose of getting the wiggles out. We did some silly stretches when we finished the game and before we sat down to do Petal work.

Petal work. The Gloria’s Story Redo went over very well with the girls. They loved being able to act out parts of the stories. There were a few times a few of them were a bit overzealous in their interpretations, but overall it was a hit. We answered the questions at the end. And some of the girls gave prime examples of how not to behave at a meeting – not in a “this isn’t how you behave way”, but by actually not behaving. I called out that behavior and said that while it was a great example of how not to behave, we didn’t need any demonstrations. I’m sure that sounds a bit meaner on the screen than it was when I said it to the girls. So many nuances are lost when using flat words.

I tried my darndest to find paper mache mirrors for the girls to decorate (Respect Myself), but had no luck whatsoever. We’re not done with the Petal yet, so there’s still time….

We glossed over Respect Myself and instead focused on Respect Others (from a behavioral standpoint since that seems to be where my troop’s problems are). We’ll do the rest of the Petal at our November 29th meeting. The older sister of one of my Daisies wants to earn her Junior Aide Award, so she’ll be the older GS who talks to the girls about this Petal (Step 2 in the Guide). She’s also going to do some sort of craft/activity/game with them as well. I told her that she has complete creative control as long as it relates to the Petal. All she needs to do is tell me what she’s going to do, how long she thinks it will take her, and what supplies she needs.

The craft we did end up doing was Halloween-themed. One of the moms cut out a bunch of black pumpkin and ghost silhouettes. The girls got one of each, plus two popsicle sticks, and a bunch of googlie eyes and paper shapes. Some of the girls were very creative in how they put everything together.

Bean’s Creations

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