Service Awards

One of the critical components of being a Girl Scout is community service. It’s good to look beyond yourself and outwards towards your community and what you can do to help. If you want to take a slightly more crass view, you never know if/when you’ll be on the receiving end.

That being said, awards for community service don’t start until the girls are Juniors with the Bronze Award. It is more in-depth than just, say, picking up litter at your school or in a part, in that the girls have to plan the whole thing from start to finish. In the process, they learn leadership skills.

But what about the younger girls? Daisies and Brownies? While they might not be ready to initiate service project ideas, they can certainly carry them out. And everyone (from 5 year-old Daisies to grown men in the military) loves to be recognized for what they’ve done.

Cue service awards from outside agencies! They all have minimum ages that one must be in order to participate, and only one is open to 5 year-olds*, but it’s good to know they’re out there. They all have different requirements for participation, so you’ll need to review the sites yourself to see if they’ll work for your troop (or your homeschoolers!).

* The President’s Volunteer Service Award is open to 5 year-olds.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award
The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards
Congressional Award


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