ES Biology: Lesson 7

This week, we covered koalas, kangaroos, and beavers. Overall a fun week. Yet again, we didn’t do the science experiment. The only thing in my defense is that we needed paper cups, and I don’t have any. Maybe I’ll nick a couple of the small dixie cups from my in-laws the next time we’re down there.

I also feel like I’m finally starting to get a handle on the book load. Unless there’s a neat story-type book, 2-3 books are more than enough. I’m trying to stick to simple books so Bean can read them, and there is definitely some overlap between books.

We’re still plugging away at our lapbook. I really do like this. It doesn’t take much extra time to do after we finish a lesson, and it’s a short record of what Bean learned.

Beavers: IMAX (Both girls really enjoyed this. It was engaging, and it was only 30 minutes long. I don’t know why Netflix says 70 minutes, unless they’re including the french version in that.)
Really Wild Animals Season 1, Episode 3 “Wonders Down Under” (It briefly covers multiple Australian animals, but it has a longer segment focused on kangaroos. If you watch any episodes from this series, be prepared for a Dudley Moore-voiced cartoon globe and very 90’s pop music-y songs.)


Bean read Pebble Plus Kangaroos, Pebble Beavers, Look Inside a Beaver’s Lodge, and Pebble Plus Koalas.

Bean was a bit grossed out by photos that showed newborn, hairless marsupials. She made me cover the photos while she read.


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