Our pre-sale ended yesterday, and my work has just begun. Twelve of 14 girls did pre-sales this year. Last year, only five of them did. That makes a huge difference in terms of how many cases I’ll have to pick up in two weeks. The girls sold 1184 boxes this year compared to 552 boxes for last year’s pre-sale.

I am going to need some help this year. And a trailer. Once I get my pick up time scheduled, I’ll send an email out to the parents in my troop asking for volunteers. At least two families have trailers/trucks, so that will be a big help. DH has a trailer,  but it’s an hour away from us. I also want to have three helpers to load, unload, and sort. Last year Anne was here, and we were almost overwhelmed with 46 cases.

This year,  I tacked on additional cookies for our booths. Not enough to take us through the entire 2 weeks of selling, but enough to get us started.  Doing this bumped m order up to 1704 boxes, or 142 cases.

Because most, if not all, of the girls want to do booths this year, I’m going to have to be a bit more formal in my approach. I’m in the process of typing up a contract on expected behaviors, how to handle the money, etc… I’ll have a quick meeting after our meeting on Thursday to go over the rules, have parents sign the contract, and have them start signing up for booth slots. I haven’t decided if I’ll invite the Daisy parents to this Thursday’s booth meeting, or have one the following week for them.  Booths start on November 12th, so that wouldn’t give the Daisies a lot of notice.


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